Cooking Matters at the Store

“Buying healthier does not have to compromise taste and does not have to cost a lot more than regular grocery shopping.”

—Cooking Matters at the Store Participant

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Making Healthy Food Choices

Fresh, frozen or canned? Store brands or premium brands? Serving size, nutritional value and cost per serving? So much goes into making good shopping decisions.

Built from the success of the fifth week in the Cooking Matters for Adults course, Cooking Matters at the Store is a free grocery store tour, conducted by trained facilitators at local supermarkets. Participants learn basic skills that help make grocery shopping fun and economical. Because the course content is so important to low income families, Cooking Matters at the Store has become one of our most popular programs.

During Cooking Matters at the Store tours, participants learn and practice key food shopping skills like buying fruits and vegetables on a budget, comparing unit prices, reading food labels, and identifying whole grain foods. Tours take approximately 90 minutes and are facilitated by a wide range of local volunteers, county extension agents, and staff of community agencies serving families in need.

Find a Cooking Matters at the Store Program Near You
Bring Cooking Matters at the Store to a Supermarket Near You

Cooking Matters at the Store is a free program; tours are free to participants and it costs nothing to become a trained facilitator. The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance partners with individuals and organizations to bring Cooking Matters at the Store to communities all across Arkansas. We will train facilitators to conduct tours and provide program materials and other forms of support all at no charge. If you or your organization would like to lead Cooking Matters at the Store tours in your community, contact Alex Handfinger, Cooking Matters director at or call 501-399-9999.