No Arkansan should ever go to bed hungry.

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Snow Days Aren’t Always Fun

On Friday, January 12th─as they do every Friday─ many schools in Arkansas sent food backpacks home with students they knew would be at risk of not getting enough to eat over the weekend. Because school would be out on Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday, schools...

Opinion: DEFENDING SNAP By Claire De Pree

Through my own experience, and by helping people access this important safety net program, I can see the impact that SNAP makes. Not only does this program relieve stress from families by helping them stretch their food dollars, but also….

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Income and Poverty in the United States-2016, United States Census Bureau, September, 2017

USDA Household Food Security in the US in 2016, United States Department of Agriculture, September, 2017

<h1>Did you know?</h1><p>In 2016, our six Feeding &nbsp;America &nbsp;food bank members along with Project Hope distributed 52,223,002 pounds of food to programs and agencies that directly feed Arkansans in need.</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p><b>1 in 4 Arkansas kids</b>&nbsp;are food insecure.</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p>You can text <b>FOOD to 877 877</b> to find free summer meals sites for kids</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p>Arkansas has gone from&nbsp;<b>#1 to #5 in senior hunger</b>. It’s a start.</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p>Many <b>elderly Arkansans must choose</b> between buying food or medication.</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p><b>More than 425,000</b>&nbsp;Arkansas residents <b>(1 in 7)</b> receive federal&nbsp;food assistance.</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p><b>Poverty</b> is the main cause&nbsp;of hunger.</p>
<h1>Did you know?</h1><p>More than <b>40%</b> of Arkansas people on food assistance&nbsp;are in <b>working families</b>.</p>
<h1>Did You Know?</h1><p>Arkansas ranks #2 in the nation in hunger?<br> 18.4% of Arkansas households are food insecure.</p>
<h1>Did You Know?</h1><p>The Arkansas Gleaning Project has exceeded 10 million pounds of produce harvested from Arkansas fields.</p>
<h1>Did You Know?</h1><p>More than 19,000 Arkansas veterans depend on SNAP benefits.</p>
<h1>Did You Know?</h1><p>More than 71% of&nbsp;SNAP recipients are in families with children.</p>


The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, through our Feeding America food bank members, hunger relief agencies, volunteers and corporate partners, is committed to providing programs, food resources, education and advocacy to reduce hunger in Arkansas. Your interest and generosity will help us succeed.

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